The Next Decade

I recently wrote a piece on what appears to be the end of the democratic western world as we know it.

We all have biases, so I will briefly share my background so that you might understand mine. I was born in the late 80’s and grew up in a middle class Australian household, was lucky enough to get educated at a private school, then completed a Bachelors degree with a finance major at University of Melbourne in ’09 (peak GFC). Whilst I’ve also been comfortable being a bit of a nonconformist, I’ve also been pretty good at playing the system. I own a couple of businesses, a decent portfolio of assets including a couple of urban properties. I live a comfortable suburban life with my wife and baby daughter, earning more money over the last few years from asset price appreciation than I have from working. The longer this system of hyperglobalisation and financialisation goes, the better off I will be personally.

In early 2020 I started reading about Covid-19 earlier than most and came to the conclusion in early March that it was going to overrun the hospital system. I supported the idea of extreme measures like short sharp lockdowns to get on top of it, based on the predictions of models like the Imperial College reports. I’ve always subscribed to the idea of having strong convictions, loosely held and I held this view until around August 2020 when I saw too much data that disproved my initial hypothesis. I was completely wrong. Rather than double down on my initial views, I challenged my thesis and moved to my current strong conviction now that the Covid narrative has been hijacked by the globalists to advance their own causes. Whether they started it or not is an even more concerning question, but it’s unimportant in terms of analysing whats happening and what might happen next. My conviction remains loosely held, but in the 12 months since I changed my stance, I have been increasingly concerned by what I am seeing.

Friends and family think I’m a conspiracy theorist. I can say goodbye to overseas holidays or all the other material pleasures I’ve enjoyed for most of my adult life. To hold this contrarian view isn’t helping my own situation, but I’m happy to put my own self-interest aside because a future without democracy is a future I do not want to leave for my daughter.

Given my opinion on what is happening, I’ve been asked by the few people who maintain the ability to keep an open mind how I think these series of events will play out over the next decade.

We’re at a critical juncture in history. We’re in the midst of a crisis. So just like if you’d asked an American in 1860, or a European in 1940 what the next decade looks like, the answer today is that it’s completely uncertain. We’re on a knifes edge and what happens next depends largely on the response of the people. I believe we go in one of three directions. The timeline is unclear, but let’s say it’s anywhere from the next 6 months to 5 years.

Option One. The Chinese Communist Party Route.

The world is an advanced version of where we’re currently at. New variants, new pushes for booster shots, continued lockdowns and targeted measures to contain outbreaks. Vaccine passports are not technically mandated, but good luck doing anything without one. There’s absolutely no semblance of what we once considered normal — we’re in what we’re told is the Covid Normal. Borders are tightly controlled and there’s ongoing movement restrictions. We continue to live in a world where decisions are made on the basis of a public health crisis to protect our safety. There’s limited pushback from the public who continue to believe what they’re told and are now fearful of the new ‘lambda variant’. Assets continue to boom, monopolies get stronger, the rich get richer and everyone else becomes more dependent.

We follow a slow and natural path to complete subservience — we’re implementing a quasi social scoring system. Public are rewarded or punished based on their level of subservience and adherence to the public health rules. Authorities and the general public staunchly deny this is what’s happening given its on the basis of a public health emergency. The powers to stop misinformation grow ever stronger. Anyone with fringe views, whether thats Doctors or Members of Parliament, gets completely deplatformed and removed from society.

Those who don’t abide can still maintain an illusion of constitutional rights, but like the other fringe view holders, they’re essentially shut out from society. No dining out at restaurants, entertainment or travel. They won’t get a job working for any major corporate or government agency. Government transfer payments will be dependent on your subservience, so the fringe view holders will need to fend for themselves. The vaccine passport will be in place, although it will have carve outs for those who choose to maintain agency over what goes into their body — for example, an option to show a negative test within the past 48 hours. But this will be at your own expense, of course.

This system rolls out across the whole world. It’s political suicide for any country to take a different approach, as they’ll be cut off from the global system. Good luck getting your food or energy imports.

We have a global population who believe they’re free, but in reality continue to do everything that they’re told. It started off as a 2 week circuit breaker lockdown to slow the spread but authoritarianism takes hold via a gradual series of a thousand cuts, all in the name of our safety.

Before we know it we have vaccine passports and central bank digital currencies linked together via an efficient microchip system that we’ve implanted in our arms. We’re an even more advanced version of today’s Chinese Totalitarianism.

Option Two (A). The V For Vendetta Route.

We continue to pursue the current strategy, but data proving that our global ‘leaders’ have instigated a series of catastrophic decisions that have completely failed the population becomes irrefutable.

We learn that not only has the vaccinate the entire population strategy proved ineffective, but it’s actually led to new more aggressive strains that we’ve lost control of, not to mention the long term side effects that we’re beginning to learn about.

There’s undeniable evidence that the vaccines have caused irreparable chronic conditions in the otherwise young & healthy population. In retrospect, it becomes clear that the decision to use hundreds of millions of young and healthy humans with little risk from the virus for a clinical trial was the greatest leadership mistake in human history.

Around the same time, we start to see high inflation or even hyperinflation in all global currencies, which destroys the purchasing power and savings of the global population.

The combination of the two creates a period of complete anarchy. The people have lost complete faith in their elected leaders, parliaments are overrun. The world is literally chaos — there’s a total loss of faith in currency & the institutions that govern us.

This is not unprecedented. It’s happened roughly every 80 years throughout history. Howe & Strauss call it the Fourth Turning, the crisis period.

“This is an era of destruction, often involving war or revolution, in which institutional life is destroyed and rebuilt in response to a perceived threat to the nation’s survival. After the crisis, civic authority revives, cultural expression redirects towards community purpose, and people begin to locate themselves as members of a larger group.”

Our last crisis of this scale was WWII, roughly 80 years ago. When you think of where the world is at with regards to asset prices and inequality, environmental degradation and technological advancements — it’s hard to argue that we’re not due.

From the depths of despair, a new set of global leaders ‘emerge’. Using the power of platforms like Facebook & Google, they’re able to run a global campaign that we need a new form of governance — no longer can we trust National politicians who have politicised our own health, blown up our financial system & continue to destroy our environment.

We need to bring forward The Great Reset. We will usher in this new form of stakeholder governance, presided over by the global experts. We are centralising decision making because we can no longer rely on corrupt politicians.

The general public are caught up in the chaos of the world and desperately seeking an authority who can provide a solution. They don’t realise that the very same people leading the campaign are the ones that caused the crisis in the first place.

The campaign is a success. We install a new one world government. We’ve destroyed democracy and enter a new era of totalitarianism. It looks like Option One, but required a crisis of biblical proportions to get there. It’s a real life version of V For Vendetta.

Option Two (B). A Prosperous and Decentralised Future.

This future could fall out of Option One, where we collectively wake up from a slumber and start asking for the truth. But I suspect it’s more likely to fall out of an attempt to roll out Option Two (A) that goes wrong.

The people rise from the ashes. In the midst of the crisis, we realise that our institutions had been attacked by these same global elites who are proposing the new system of governance.

Rather than fall for their propaganda and tricks, we rally together to rebuild a stronger more resilient form of democracy with more decentralised systems in place.

We tear down the central banks. We tear down the corrupt NGO’s like the WEF, whose role has been to slowly infiltrate our once strong institutions and use them like pawns to push forward their own agendas. We remove the politicians who had forgotten that their role was to serve the people, not preserve their own self interests. We realise that centralised control of technology has almost destroyed our humanity. That the system of fact checkers, one truths and false dopamine hits from our devices has slowly destroyed our capacity to think for ourselves or form any kind of real human relationships. That the central bank created asset bubble that leads us to a system of feudalism, where we own nothing and become a society of rentiers, does nothing for progress and prosperity. That the same promoters of this asset bubble never gave a single damn about the environment and used it as a tool to transfer our assets and resources into their control.

We start again. But we do so based on the great principles of our democratic constitutions. We elect leaders who exist to serve the principles of those constitutions. We harness the power of decentralised technology to create a better future.

Rather than a centralised central bank digital currency, we use things like distributed ledger technology and thousands of smaller community banks who are most interested in funding real projects. Rather than centralised decision making, “power levers are decentralised and rendered accountable to local communities”. That is a quote from Professor Richard Werner’s work on the benefits of shifting from central planning to a decentralised economy. I encourage everyone to read and understand this work — it is the future we must embrace if we’re to avoid the perils of totalitarianism.

If we get through this, we can emerge from the crisis with stronger institutions, setting us on our paths for a century of prosperity before we likely blow it all up and start again (as we’ve done over and over).

Whether we get there or not is going to come down to the actions of my generation, the Millennials & Gen Z’s. We have the chance to be the hero generations — the ones that fought for the principles of democracy and fended off the greatest attack on those institutions that we’ve seen since Hitler marched across Europe ushering in his new regime of Fascism. We didn’t fall for the tricks of a global elite who tried to take away our freedoms to better their own cause and instil a new totalitarian regime. We stopped making decisions to signal virtue and started making them with the sole purpose of creating a better future, even if that meant we had to set aside our own self-interests. We need to maintain our sense of justice, our sense of critical thought and our hope for a better future that we can be the architects of.



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